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KFX Aurora Max IGC-021

KFX Aurora Max

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The KFX Aurora Max Camera Remote Head is a run-of-show head delivering ease-of-use, versatility and consistent performance. It’s the system that’s always working to deliver maximum production value with minimal downtime. It’s also backed by KFX Technology’s high standard for personalized and prompt service.

The KFX Aurora Max is a whole new design offered by KFX Aurora series of remote heads. Taking lessons we learned from designing the Aurora Mini and listening to feedback from our many customers, KFX went back to the drawing board.

The Aurora Max uses a completely new gearbox design that has zero backlash, but is amazingly smooth and quiet.

We kept the simplicity of our under 5 minutes set up time and added full adjust-ability on pan and tilt as well as nodal adjustment.  The Aurora Max is capable of taking the largest camera package with the heaviest zoom lenses.